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The Impact on Your Inheritance by Long Term Care Planning

We cannot know if we will require long term care at any point in our life, however, what we can do is be prepared for it, if it ever does come to it. It is important to understand your options when it comes to long term care, from the types of care available to ways of funding care, as this can reduce the need of having to make these choices in haste and under stress. * Paying for long term care is an important matter and one that needs careful consideration. There are many ways to pay for care, and while the state does provide means-tested benefits for care in tandem with the NHS, self funding care in part or full is common. Your financial assets can be used in different ways to pay for care. * One of the common ways for homeowners to pay for long term care is by


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Brooke Wade

I needed help considering all of the options when trying to find the best place for my mom, who found out she needed long term care. Long Term Care Advisors helped me n narrow down what was avialable to us.

Kieran McDonald

I didn’t want to burden my kids with trying to find the best place for me to get the long term care I needed. Long Term Care Advisors were very patient with me and helped me find the best solution to my care needs. I didn’t have to involve me kids at all!

Lauren Rice

I was so overwhelmed when I found out my dad needed long term care. I knew that with all of my responsibilities, I’d never be able to take care of him on my own. Long Term Care Advisors helped me find the best option for him.